Population Growth, Sizing the demand

The global population TODAY (one day) grew approx. 201,000 net people, after approx. 343,000 births and 142,000 deaths. (Net increase of ~200,000 people per day, according to the US Census Bureau)

This equates to an annual growth of 73,000,000 people. 73mm people annually is ~21% of the Unites States population. The world gains a country every 5 years.

If you are 1 person who requires 300 square feet of living space (excluding agricultural land demand) ; and if an American football field is about 57,600 sqft (160’X360′), (1.3 acre) Then we might be growing more than 1,047 football fields per day of building space needed. That’s 1,384 acres of building needed PER DAY.

Redwood Afforestation, Carbon Sequestration

The responsibility of carbon sequestration and population stabilization is with each of us. Direct investment into afforestation is one of many solutions in global carbon drawdown. 6,000 redwood trees can sequester enough carbon to offset the lifestyle – over a 91-year lifetime- of a typical American. That’s just 1 acre per year for 30-years to ensure your legacy is carbon neutral. Join in the program, we’d love for you to be in touch.